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Welcome to my Ukulele Songs blog!

I have been part of the Ukulele community since 2011, starting out with a local Ontario group called the Dover Uke Heads. With that group I functioned as the events co-ordinator and booked outings and dates with various community organizations, as well as with local retirement homes. I also developed their website and arranged a lot of the songs working closely with the leader.

I often performed Annette Funicello’s classic hit, “Pineapple Princess”, as a solo act with the group when we played out, and it’s become a little bit of a ukulele nickname for me. I still perform it at the annual Aloha Night held at the Waterford Legion and other Hawaiian-themed outings.

In addition to the responsibilities with my first group, I would periodically teach an 8 to 10 week session for beginners between 2011 and 2014. In 2015 I decided to branch out and started teaching seniors beginner ukulele at the Tillsonburg Senior’s Centre. 

Currently I am teaching ukulele and leading a new group, the T’UkeS ~ Tillsonburg Uke Society, at the Station Arts Centre located at 41 Bridge Street West in Tillsonburg, Ontario. Anyone interested who lives in the Langton-Courtland-Delhi-Tillsonburg-Ingersoll, Otterville-area is more than welcome to join us in the Red Station Room at 6:30 on Tuesday nights for lessons, and from 7  til 8:00 p.m. for Uke Group jamming. Parking is available on Bridge Street. Information regarding start dates can be found at  

Tillsonburg Uke Society

Tillsonburg, ON
13 Players

Want to learn how to play the ukulele? Want to jam with other ukulele enthusiasts on a weekly basis? The Tillsonburg Uke Society will teach you how to play and provide all son…

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Fall Ukulele Session

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016, 6:30 PM
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I have been playing piano, guitar and ukulele for decades and have been arranging songs in different keys or with embellishments for a long time. Since I greatly enjoy discovering song arrangements from other Uke group websites and from online song books, I decided to start this blog website in order to share my song arrangements and tidbits of knowledge that I learn along the way. I hope players enjoy my arrangements and they are intended for personal use only. Please feel free to download any sources you find useful on my website, and I also encourage comments. Yes, I will answer you and thank you!

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Cat’s Ukulele Songs is an online songbook for ukulele music enthusiasts. All song arrangements are available in PDF format under the SONGS tab.